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Ashton Kremer

Hello! My name is Ashton Kremer and I am a senior here at the University of Central Arkansas. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interior Design. I am a member of the ASID program nationally as well as the chapter at UCA. I currently work at K.Lewis Design in Little Rock, Arkansas where we do a lot of residential design and some small commercial projects. I grew up in Morrilton, Arkansas where I attended Morrilton High School.

I was a part of the Beta Chapter, Morrilton Cheer Squad, and Library Club. My goal as a designer is to create spaces that accommodate for every need imaginable. As people interact with my designs my hope is that they feel considered and valued. I am constantly striving to learn and research new design tools and techniques to provide my clients with clear design concepts. I am looking forward to the next steps God has for me in the world of design.

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