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IDSN Scholars Help Desk

Congratulations to our Fall 2022 Art + Design Department Scholars:  
Anjali Goldie and Lori Schmidt

Alumna-Anjali Goldie at PSW.png

Anjali Goldie


Revit, Lumion, Space Planning,

Sketching & Programming.


I am a senior, graduating this December! I currently live in Cabot and I enjoy true crime, reading, and hiking. I chose Interior Design as my major because I was torn between psychology and architecture. Both have interested me my entire life but as highschool was coming to an end I had to make a decision. I was encouraged to job shadow/interview architects and psychologists to get a better understanding of what they do and what their day to day work looked like. Through that experience I was introduced to an Interior Designer. She shared that she was torn between psychology and architecture in highschool too. She chose Interior Design because it blends the two. Since we spend on average 90% of our time indoors, interiors have a large impact on our mental health. Also as designers we often have to "read between the lines" to truly understand what a client wants, even when they do not know how to communicate it. I have loved every minute of my Interior Design journey so far and can not wait to see what is in store after graduation! 

headshot 2.png

Lori Schmidt


3-D Rendering, Drafting, Revit, Revit Family

Modeling, Sketch Up, Photoshop & Illustrator


Hi, my name is Lori Schmidt. I am currently a senior, set to graduate spring 2023. I am originally from Colorado, but spent a lot of my childhood in Arizona, moving to Arkansas my junior year of high school. (Arkansas has the best weather out of the three in my opinion).  I love to read pretty much anything, with the minor exception being romance. Interior design, of course, is my major passion. When I was ten, I started to design floor plans for my dream house. When I found out that I could actually design buildings as a career I was ecstatic!  I currently want to work on the commercial side of design, specifically hospitality and food service. 

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