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Austin Watt

My name is Austin Watt and I am from the small town of Vilonia, Arkansas. I grew up with a love for art and creativity. I spent countless nights in high school making new and interesting artworks that helped to explain and define my life. Growing up in a small town never stopped my drive to be more with every day of life that I was given. Where most people change how they want to grow up and be successful throughout the years, I stayed consistent. I always knew that I wanted to use my artistic gift to become an architect and to design vehicles. As a student I studied Interior Design at the University of Central Arkansas. I plan to attend architecture school in order to pursue my Masters Degree.

I strive to live my life to the fullest through faith, family, and adventures. The idea of making things aesthetically pleasing and purposeful empowers me to create new and interesting subjects that make a meaningful impact on anyone who is involved or affected. My life has and always will be centered around my love for people and the mindset of making those around me feel important and loved. I love to travel and go on new adventures as often as possible in order to experience the beautifully crafted planet that we live on.

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