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Catherine Hartnedy

Hi! My name is Catherine Hartnedy and I am an interior design student from Little Rock, Arkansas. I am currently in my senior year attending the University of Central Arkansas in Conway to obtain my bachelor’s degree in interior design. I began my college journey ready to learn and find my place in the occupational world, yet unsure of what direction to take. During my sophomore year, I took an interior design class and suddenly I realized why I found so much joy in rearranging my room on a regular basis as a kid. After that I continued to take classes and learned that I loved drafting floorplans, especially by hand (yes—a shocker).


As I learned more, I found beauty in the process of design and all of its components. There is so much more to design than meets the eye. In this field I have found an integration of creating balance, competition, tactful communication, organization, and art. In regard to my design services, with my current skillset, I specialize in providing clients with 3D models of their interiors. This offers clients realistic views of their envisioned building or home that allow them to make design decisions based on the materials and space planning illustrated in my models. Beyond interior design, I also offer custom pieces of art, my preferred medium being paint. Outside of design, I enjoy being outdoors, playing basketball, and painting. I love days when I can catch a good sunset or start a creative project. In a nutshell, I thrive in the midst of problem solving and creativity which incidentally--design involves both!

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