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Hannah Mangum

Hello! My name is Hannah Mangum and I am finishing up my Bachelors of Science in Interior Design in December 2020. I have loved my time in the UCA ID program and am so thankful for everything I’ve learned over the last few years. I am from Heber Springs, Arkansas and originally chose UCA to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy. I’ve always had a love for creativity and design, but didn’t think I could have a successful career doing something in that field. However, once I learned about the design program at UCA and did more research on interior design careers, I happily switched my major and haven’t looked back since! 


My passion for interior design stems from a desire to help people and provide an opportunity for their dreams to become reality. The idea that I can help create and design spaces for families, businesses, schools, and so much more makes me so incredibly excited for the future. In the design profession I always want to advocate for the functionality of a space for the client while making it perfectly personal for them. Adding personal touches to a project is something so important to me because I feel like it makes the space unique to the client and their personality. I hope to be a designer that brings people, and their dreams, together.

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